Our Lenders

Borrow what you need, get what you require, and repay when you can! 

We have a list of top lenders who believe in your business and want to help you grow your business exponentially. Your business can reach the heights of success by taking the best financial advice from 247 Business Finance.

Lenders – Explained! 

A lender is a financial entity that lends money to a business or individual borrower with the expectation of repayment at a later date. Borrowers must pay interest on the amount borrowed, commonly calculated as a percentage of the overall loan amount.

How do Our Lenders work?

Our lenders’ soft-check your business’s credit score to calculate loan amounts and provide you with the best possible options. When establishing credit scores, essential factors such as credit utilization frequency and payment history are considered. Your business’s credit score determines the level of risk a lender can expect if the loan is authorized.

For example, if you are considering asset finance then our lenders will determine the value of the asset against which you are requesting a loan. If your asset owns a value equivalent to or higher than the loan amount then you can get your business loan right away.

24/7 Business Finance – a bridge between a lender and the borrower

24/7 business finance works as a bridge between a lender and the borrower. We facilitate borrowers i.e., usually SMEs to get a loan from a lender. So, you don’t need to look for a lender on your own. What you need to do is, contact us at 0800-061-4919 or email us at [email protected]  and let us know about your business’s needs. We will take care of all the overwork from getting the best lender for you to completing the application process. So, if it seems a great deal for you, contact us today and Get A Quote

 We deal with SMEs

Our lenders are specialized in dealing with small to medium-sized enterprises. So, if you’re running a small business in Manchester, United Kingdom, you can benefit from 247 Business Finance. We not only provide instant Business Loans but give reliable financial advice on “how you can move your business forward”. Contact us here to know how you can solve your cash flow problems. 

We Offer Multiple Types of Loans.

We understand that not every business can have secured business loans. So we provide multiple types of loans to deal with cash flow problems, working capital, buying inventory, or anything else your business is suffering with. We offer:


How to choose which lender is best for me?

You don’t need to choose, and we compare and provide you with the best possible lender for your Business Loan. Our professionals work hard to deliver exceptional services. 

Do I need to process a separate application, particularly for lenders? 

No, you need to do anything. Just apply for a business loan with 247 Business Finance today, and rest we’ll handle the overwork.

How do lenders determine how much my business qualifies for? 

Usually, the credit score is used to calculate loan amounts. If your business’s credit score is good enough, you can easily lend money; otherwise, lenders can face risk. 

What is an OK credit Score? 

A score between 580 to 699 is considered fair, whereas a credit score between 740 to 799 is considered very good.

What is the relationship between lenders and borrowers?

The borrower-lender relationship is an essential aspect of the loan approval process. But 247 Business finance acts as a bridge to improve the relationship between the lenders and you.

Are you still confused?

which business loan type suits your business’s needs

Don’t worry!

Select your business’s requirement and find out which business loan type is more appropriate for your business.

              We have multiple lenders on our panel who are eager to help SMEs grow their businesses. So, whether you’re looking for a merchant cash advance, working capital loan or unsecured business loan - we deal with all major financial products!